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As a leading manufacturer of advanced water purification systems, for laboratory, healthcare and industrial applications, we’ve a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you source the best solution.

Our downloads will answer many of your questions about water purification, and our range of Purite units and custom-engineered systems.  If you have particular questions or would like advice on any aspects of water purification technology, then please contact one of our specialists.


Laboratory Product Guide

Healthcare Product Guide

Industrial Systems Guide


ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 45001

ISO 13485

White papers


A fresh approach to using EDI technology in laboratory water purification systems

Pharmaceuticals: moving from experimentation to production

Pure water for clear results

Pure water for cleanroom applications

Purified laboratory water

Sustainable laboratory

The importance of water in pharmaceuticals manufacturing

Water purification for the laboratory

Simple reliable laboratory test results with pure water


Innovating for enhanced water safety in the hospital

Living with RO

Purified water for hospitals

Purified water in sterile services departments

Tackling the real cost of water in healthcare facilities

Water purification for decontamination services

Case Study – Protecting renal patients at Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust


Cosmetics: moving from experimentation to production

Controlling water quality and cost

Purified water for hospitals

RO technology enhances quality and cuts costs for breweries

The hidden costs of water usage in food and beverage

The importance of water purification in cosmetics manufacturing


Climate change and the risk to your business: adaption, innovation and resilience

The importance of pH in water purification

Understanding maintenance, consumables and service

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